Saturday, June 13, 2009

Penguins win the Cup

Congrats to them. And didn't I say they were scary? Yeah, well I knew they would be tough. It's hard enough to get back to back championship wins, but when you face the team you denied the Cup to the year before? You'd better bring something special.

I'm not sure if the Wings couldn't bring it, or the Pens just didn't allow them to - though I think I'm leaning toward the latter. In the last two games the Wings seemed pretty off, but honestly, the Penguins seemed to be everywhere. I think that's just a good indication of great hockey being played.

I couldn't watch the end. I'm like that. I get too emotional seeing the looks on the players' faces, to be honest. I love those guys! I don't watch Roger lose much, either. When I sense it coming, I turn it off. But it's never about being disappointed in my team or player - or disgusted with the winner. Heck, even when my team or player wins a big game or match I find it tough to look at the loser.

So again, congratulations to the Penguins and their fans. And congrats to my Red Wings for a great season. I'm so proud of them.

Hockey chick out.


Ron said...

No,no,no...bitter rancor is at the heart of a true sports fan! For the Dead Things there are only two types of seasons: Stanley Cup Seasons and Losing Seasons! THIS is a Losing Season, I care not if it is not making the playoffs or losing in Game 7!

Thank goodness I'm not really a hockey person or I'd be less sweet-tempered than I am here...

blake said...

If you don't see them lose, it didn't happen.

chickelit said...

I had a lot of fun watching the Red Wings play during the playoffs. Thanks for that, Darcy!

birdie bob said...

It's now been 4 days. Is it safe to show up here? :-) I've been busy looking at the Championship merchandise online.

chickelit said...

Hey Birdiebob, I don't think Darcy was ever even grumpy about the Wings losing-the sign of a good sport.

Ron's "Dead Things" reference however is beginning to stink just a little.

Ron, it sounds like you need a vacation to Brooklyn to log some time with Trooper York :-)

blake said...

Well, I think Darcy was maybe a wee bit upset.

Not that I'm Twitter Stalking her or anything.

She's just too classy to show it in public.

Darcy said...

Aww, Bob! Of course it's safe, and have fun picking out your championship merchandise! (I've got a few of those things myself..hee hee.)

And yeah...Blake's right...I was a "wee" bit upset. *cough* But I'm looking ahead and proud of my Wings!

Thanks for thinking I wasn't grumpy, El Pollo. I hid it well? ;-)

chickelit said...

I'm gettin' me one of these: link

birdie bob said...

I know I would have been grumpy if the outcome had been different but I also appreciate Darcy's sportsmanship. I just didn't want to be a "reminder" immediately after the fact! :-)

Now for the US Open. I've also got to start planning for when the men and women play Pinehurst #2 on consecutive weeks in 2014!!

Darcy said...

I just didn't want to be a "reminder" immediately after the fact!

Aww. Very sweet of you!

And LOL...when you say U.S. Open, I think tennis! I'll be there. ;-)

Darcy said...

And cool, chickenlittle! We're almost embarrassingly rich as far as Red Wings merchandise goes in this house.

(Though I wish I'd bought an authentic Yzerman jersey.)