Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Mighty Federer

I couldn't talk about it pre-match. I could barely hope for it. After four years of losing to Rafael Nadal (first in a semi-final, and then 3 consecutive finals)I had come to believe the dream may never come.

It has come. For Roger and for his fans. Roger beat The Great Soderling, conquerer of the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal in straight sets at the French Open (Roland Garros) today.

With this win, Roger has tied Pete Sampras with 14 Grand Slam title wins for most ever. Some (John McEnroe) are already calling him the greatest of all time because Pete never won the French Open. I'm just glad he's up there now. Never to be questioned as far as his greatness again, I would hope.

Congratulations and thank you, Roger. For becoming my favorite tennis player ever when you were 19 as I watched you end Sampras' run at Wimbledon; for allowing me to witness some of the greatest tennis ever played; and for persevering, through all of your recent adversities and the race against time to deliver this dream for all of your fans.

(Photo courtesy of my friend Sam - that's his glass of Amaretto - thanks, Sam! Cheers!)


chickelit said...

I'll just add that Federer is lucky to have fans like you.

Darcy said...

Thank you so much, El Pollo!

blake said...

Second that.

Darcy said...

Thanks, Blake.

You guys have really been great about supporting my sports craziness!

Thank you!

Trooper York said...

Glad your boy won. Nothing is better than when you team wins.

Trooper York said...
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Darcy said...

Thanks Trooper!

I'm sure you guys have a pretty good idea of how much this meant. Really such a fantastic day.

Now my Wings need to win. (I'm really greedy. Heh.)

birdie bob said...

Yes, you are greedy! :-) More than being disappointed at the result of Saturday's game I was extremely disappointed at the Pens' lack of discipline and sportsmanship.
On a brighter note, how was golf on Saturday?

Darcy said...

Hee, birdiebob. I know. :)

Aww, you're a classy fan. Let's just hope the next game is a better showcase of the talent of these two hockey teams! ;-)

Oh. Golf. That was the thing I did on Saturday, but it didn't much resemble the sport at all. LOL. I'll keep trying, though! And it was a beautiful day spent with my best friend since 2nd grade, so I can't complain.