Friday, November 6, 2009

A joyful event.

My sister Moira and I celebrated our best friend Amy's birthday last night with her. We all love oysters, so we trekked out to Ann Arbor to this place:

Soon had glass of this:

Followed by a plate (okay, two plates!) of these. They were luscious. The menu had at least 10 varieties. So fresh and mouth-wateringly good!:

Happy birthday, Amy! Love you lots.

We had a wonderful time, giggling like we always do at our past hijinks. I never giggle more than with these two.

We also had a wonderful selection of Zingerman's cheeses with their own bagel crisps, served with some grapes marinated in balsamic vinegar and...something else sweet. Yum. And some cream of wild mushroom soup that was to die for.

I have some additional pics up on Twitpic of all of us. Also a pic of the poster announcement of Elizabeth Kostova attending one of their "Vampire Balls". Cool. I loved her book "The Historian". Creepy and wonderfully entertaining. And deliciously long. I got lost in it, and was very sad that it all ended with the last page!