Friday, February 19, 2010

Silly stuff.

My son and his cousin of the same age went to stay with their older cousin at her dorm for a "family weekend" at Michigan State a couple of weekends ago. We had at least an hour drive home from there, so, having the two teenagers captive (hehe) I worked on prying some bits of their weekend out of them. I was mostly unsuccessful, but I did get this little back and forth which, silly person that I am, I found very amusing.

Apparently, his cousin (the one his age) had some, er...intestinal gas. Okay, he's pretty known for this. Can I say farting? Oop. I just did. Anyway, so apparently his cousin farts. College boyfriend of college cousin remarks on it. My son thought that the word used by the college boyfriend to describe it was hilarious. He just couldn't remember it!

Son: "He said ____'s fart was....beastly, or something like that. No, that wasn't it."

Me: [laughs] "Try to remember!"

Son: "Hmm...epic? No...darn it."

Me: "EPIC!" [laughs]

Son: "That wasn't it! I don't know...efficient?"

Me: [laughing so hard that I can't breathe...boys laughing at me laughing]