Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh, Andys!!!!

American Andy Roddick took on Great Britain's (Scottish) Andy Murray today in the semi finals of Wimbledon. Roddick was the big underdog here, and Murray was not only the favorite, but saddled with the enormous hopes hung on his young shoulders by his nation, desperate for a British champion since Fred Perry won in 1936, beating - I just realized - the lovely Baron Gottfried von Cramm (!), whose handsome face is my Twitter background.

I like both of these players very much, so I had a tough time figuring out who to root for. My emotions swung wildly during the match.

So my take on this match is that Murray went into it tight under the weight of expectations. Roddick won in four, needing tiebreaks for two of the three sets won. I don't think Murray played like he could, but Roddick played such superb, mature, focused tennis that I hate to take anything away from this win. It's huge. Roddick now into his third Wimbledon final, but not since 2005. I don't think many serious tennis analysts thought he'd get there again.

I'm so proud of Andy Roddick! Well done to him. Unfortunately, I can't root against Roger, who also won his semi final match today making it to his 7th straight Wimbledon final.

Go Roger!


blake said...

Well, is this a tense set-up then? Is The Fed going to completely outclass this guy, or does this set the stage for some kind of upset?

You know what I mean? Is he easily handled or does he throw in a wild variable?

Darcy said...

Nah. Roger has only lost I think one set to Andy at Wimbledon ever. This is probably the opponent Roger would wish for. (Andy Murray had a winning match record over Roger - with a lot of recent wins.)

That said, Roddick has to want this bad. I expect him to throw the kitchen sink at Roger, but it not to be good enough, of course. Anything can happen, though. And if Andy Roddick snuck out a win? I'd have to be happy for him. And I'd probably have to try not to feel too sorry for Roger? With 14 grand slam titles and all. ;-)

Oh, and Dinara lost. I didn't blog about it, she got blown off the court, and I'm not excited about a Williams sisters final. But go, Venus.

chickelit said...

Happy 4th of July weekend you two!

Darcy said...

Happy 4th to you and blake too, chickenlittle!

And I can't get on Trooper's blog, so if he's around, or any of the gang there, happy 4th to them too!