Sunday, July 5, 2009

He did it!!!! Congratulations, Roger!

Wow. Just an amazing match. My head is still spinning over it. 5 sets. 16 games to 14 in the last set. Epic. Rollercoaster match, with momentum switching back and forth until the fifth set, when game after game, both men stared down a "sudden death" by valiantly holding their serves until the 30th game. Yes - the 30th game in one set! Roger broke Andy to win the Championships. I screamed. Both men deserved such high praise for this effort that I was sad to see someone lose. Warriors. Both of them.

I truly hope Andy gets the next one. He so deserves one after this effort.

Oh, boy. The record for most grand slam singles titles ever (15) was claimed by Roger today edging Pete Sampras, who flew there just this morning to be there for the momentous occasion (how classy was that?), and...Roger is now the world's number one ranked player once again! He had relinquished the number one ranking to Rafael Nadal last year shortly after losing his prized Wimbledon champion status to the same. How sweet it is for this fan that he was able to reclaim it.

Sports dreams don't get much bigger than this for me.


blake said...

Yay! Roger! And to think, just three months ago, I had no idea who he was...

chuck b. said...

It was fun to read about this match in various places today & if I'd known how thrilling it was going to be I would have watched. Alas! You can never know that kind of stuff. Anyhow, your enthusiasm is contagious and I felt a little buzz reading your blog post and tweets.

chickelit said...

So will Fed show up on boxes of Wheaties? I guess the next big news for him will be the birth of his son. When is that supposed to happen BTW?

dannyboy said...
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dannyboy said...

You know the Scots never play tennis because they can't hit a ball unless its on the ground.

Darcy said...

Oooh! I've neglected my blog!

Thanks for reading, you guys!

Blake. LOL.

And chuck! How sweet. Thank you.

Heh. Well, he finally made the cover of Sports Illustrated, chickenlittle. I think his baby is due pretty soon. I'm fearing for the Open!

Hi, dannyboy. LOL. Murray is pretty good!