Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Mom

This first pic looks like it was probably taken around the same time that my Dad went to war. They grew up together in Detroit, went to Denby High School together, dated and then broke up. My Dad lost her to another guy for a while...she married and had my oldest siblings - but her husband died very young. My Dad swooped in. I'm not kidding. LOL.

The second pic of my Mom is one of the few glamour shots of her. She was not a glamour girl. Beautiful, but much more into sports than makeup!


chickelit said...

I can see a lot of her in you.

Darcy said...

Thanks, chickenlitte.

I'd love to look like my Mom.

chuck b. said...

What reasons did they give for breaking up in high school? Sounds like she broke up with him.

Do you believe what some people say that in every relationship there's always one person who loves more, longs more, etc.? I can see it relationships among my peers, but in my family I'm blind do it and I can't tell.

Darcy said...

I think the story was they had gone to a party and my dad got very jealous of the attention my mom got.
She was beautiful, but also kind of a tomboy? So they fought and broke up.

And yes, I think there is something to that, chuck. Well, it seemed that way with my parents. They loved each other plenty, but my dad seemed to put my mom on a pedestal.