Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Beautiful, Crazy, Agitating, Addictive Twitter Vortex.

I've been sucked into it for a while. And I've loved just about every minute of it. I've made some real friends there. I'm touched by that and I cherish those friendships and the sharing of bits of our lives those bonds bring.

I met my earliest Twitter friends through the Althouse blog. I used to read and comment on several blogs daily, some of them written by friends, like Trooper York and The Bit Maelstrom. I have several other people I consider friends who are now writing wonderful blogs too. Check them out - they're in my blogroll. But my Twitter interest and friends have spread way beyond that to include a lot of people I think of as friends. I think you all know who you are...yes?

The vortex of Twitter has consumed a lot of my time though, and I'll admit that I know that I can get obsessive about different internet interests. This isn't the first internet source I've spent what I consider too much time on. So I don't really know if the Twitter Vortex is contagious or widespread. Could be just in my living room. Heh.

Anyway, I need to try to set some limits for my own good. I've noticed particularly with the elections coming up, that my Twitter feed tends to agitate me a bit more. I feel like my tweets read as shrill and cranky. I know that I've retweeted some pretty shrill stuff. It could be just my perception, but even if it is, that in itself agitates me.

So, here's what I've decided: I'm going to try to set limits, and for the friends who care and have been so wonderfully attentive and concerned throughout my Twitter days, I thought I'd explain it, is all. Plus, writing it publicly puts me on the hook a little to actually, you know...do it.

If you're reading this, I want to thank you so much for caring to read what I have to say on Twitter. My goal is to still be there, but offer less agita and more pith. Most of all, I want stay connected with my friends. They're the best part of Twitter for me.


blake said...

I can't even imagine you as shrill.

Phineas said...

I honestly don't recall ever seeing a shrill tweet from you. ("Shrill tweet." That just sounds funny. :) ) In fact, I'd go so far as to say your 140-character mini-messages are day-brighteners.

As for the annoying people, I just edit them out of my Tweetdeck timeline. Ah, the power. ;-)

chickelit said...

So I don't really know if the Twitter Vortex is contagious or widespread. Could be just in my living room. Heh.

You're kind of a vortex yourself there Darcy-you tweet and the guys tweet back. It's kinda cute actually. You know you're contagiously sweet don't you?

I do know what you mean about time consuming though. When TY announced his hiatus I thought a bit about it too. I'd been trying to post something nearly everyday on my blog and managed to do it for nearly two months. I decided to pause for a bit too.

The great thing about Twitter is that it's never lonely (unless it's the middle of the night or something). I mean, I recall commenting at Althouse once that the hills in back of my house were on fire and nary a peep of interest. That just doesn't happen on Twitter.

Ron said...

It's hard to not get wrapped up in sturm und drang of politics, but you can't let it eat you up Darcy! A bit more sanguinality(?) will keep you fresher in the long run.

platoandpluto said...

Darcy, I do indeed understand,as my tweets are quite infrequent now. It can be addictive and it doesn't help that the progressives give us plenty to tweet about. Still, you have nothing for which to apologize. I just filled out my absentee ballot; it was refreshing to vote against the progressive agenda. Victory in November!!!

Darcy said...

Thanks so much, you guys! Very, very sweet of you.