Sunday, January 3, 2010

Terms of Endearment

This holiday season, I've opted to immerse myself in happy thoughts. The political goings on that I've been following, coupled with recent terror threats had me on edge and...dare I say --- a bit crabby? Heh. So, following some recommendations on Twitter, I recorded all of the Thin Man movies, watched a bit of a Three Stooges marathon, and followed it all up with a Looney Tunes bonanza on the Cartoon Network. Ahhh...the therapeutic effects were amazingly successful.

The combination of these movies and cartoon/comedy shorts got me thinking a bit. What is it that makes me feel good about a show or a movie? Well, the easy answer is a happy ending. I'm definitely a sucker for that. But there are truly sad movies I'd watch over and over as well that seem to lift me up in the same way.

Pondering this, I began to formulate a list of (at least somewhat sad) movies that I loved, but probably couldn't take watching again, along with a list of similar movies that I had no problem viewing over and over.

First, the list of movies I thought were excellent, but have not viewed again:

1. The Deer Hunter
2. Frances
3. Family Business
4. Life is Beautiful (though I'd really like to try to watch it again)
5. The Untouchables (I'm sensing a theme here..hehe.)
6. The English Patient
7. Braveheart
8. The Last of the Mohicans
9. Million Dollar Baby
10. Bang the Drum Slowly

Now, the list of the movies I will sob my head off watching, but can't help but view over and over:

1. The Green Berets
2. Affair to Remember (Some may call this a happy ending. Me? Not quite.)
3. Terms of Endearment
4. Ordinary People
5. Legends of the Fall
6. To Kill a Mockingbird
7. Penny Serenade
8. Imitation of Life
9. Stella Dallas
10. The Alamo

That's just a start. Are there any that you would add to either list?


Jason (the commenter) said...

To the first list I would add Grave of the Fireflies, because I couldn't even get through it once.

To the second list I would add Brokeback Mountain.

chickelit said...

Awright, I've never seen any of the "Thin Man" series. I actually thought it referred to the cancelled Thin Man fission bomb project related to "Fat Man" and ""Little Boy".

So if I were to want to come up to speed on this series, where would I begin?

Darcy said...

Interesting, Jason. Will look the first one up. And it reminded me of Lord of the Flies, for some reason. Another one I'll not watch again that was riveting.

Haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, but I believe I'd find it romantic and sad, knowing most of the details.

El Pollo, the first in the series is simply called "The Thin Man". Then there is five (or six?) sequels, all with "Thin Man" in the title. They're delightful. Very light. No real detective work necessary. ;-)

Jason (the commenter) said...

chickenlittle: Awright, I've never seen any of the "Thin Man" series.

Listen to Darcy, they're good movies!

Michael Haz said...

To the second list I would add Tender Mercies.

Sparse, brilliantly acted.

I might also add Gran Torino. Or maybe not, it's too soon to tell.

It Happened One Night would be a good add. Nice, classic movie.

chickelit said...

I saw Gran Torino when it first came out before all the analysis and banalysis. The second time around I noticed more of what other people said about it, but it held up really well.

I really appreciate these kinds of lists Darcy. I've put the ones I haven't seen on my Netflix queue, including the "Thin Man". :)

Anonymous said...

7. Braveheart
8. The Last of the Mohicans
3. Terms of Endearment
10. The Alamo

These are the only ones I've watched...crawling back underneath the rock...

Darcy said...

Thanks for reading, you guys!

And Michael, I adored Tender Mercies.
Such a sweet film.

Hi Windbag!